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In addition to establishing the fair market value of a property, a comprehensive appraisal provides:
Comparative information on other similar properties
An assessment of the area's overall real estate market
An estimate of the sale time for the property
An expert evaluation of potentially harmful issues associated with the property


For more than 30 years, Professional Appraisal Associates® has supported both the mortgage and real estate industries with a diverse offering of property valuations and related services.

Appraisals for the Sale, Purchase, and Lease of Property

PAA offers comprehensive appraisals for all types of properties, including commercial property, residential property, vacant land, and new or proposed construction. Our appraisals are performed by certified experts in the field and meet or exceed all industry standards - an invaluable tool when negotiating a real estate contract under any market conditions.

Consulting Services

Given our extraordinary industry experience, Professional Appraisal Associates® is ideally equipped to offer varied, extended consulting services to various market sectors:

For Purchasers and Owners

Expert opinions on the potential for return on an investment
Qualified determination of a property's historic value
Information on zoning regulations and issues
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) removal

For Lenders

Expert opinions on a property's market value when reviewing applications for first or second mortgages, mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, and lines of credit
Qualified determination on a property's suitability for FHA or HUD financing

Corporate Relocation Assistance
Professional Appraisal Associates® works with many firms in facilitating the relocation process. Our local knowledge and expertise allows us to offer accurate and comprehensive appraisals for both current and destination properties, lessening the anxiety for our clients and their property owners before, during, and after the move.

Dispute Resolution
We firmly believe that the most efficient way to handle a dispute is to prevent it from occurring. We also recognize the importance of being prepared to handle a dispute should the situation arise. In either case, our team of experts provides diligent assistance with a variety of legal matters, including:

Estate Planning or Settlements
Matrimonial or Divorce Proceedings
Business Mergers or Dissolutions
Property Tax Appeals
Eminent Domain Issues

A strong, accurate, and defendable property appraisal and/or expert witness testimony can be a vital component of your legal strategy at any stage of a litigation procedure. Whether preparing, asserting, or defending against claims before arbitration panels or during trial proceedings, Professional Appraisal Associates® provides the benefit of a confident courtroom presence while delivering expert testimony or under cross-examination.

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